Being diagnosed with this deadly disease can feel like getting slammed to the ground.

Wouldn’t it feel great to slam back?

SLAM ALS, launching on May 9, 2016 during ALS Awareness Month, is a new social media effort benefiting Project ALS that encourages people to show how they “slam” this deadly neurodegenerative disease. It’s a satisfying feeling! As a grassroots campaign originating in South Florida, the goal is to challenge people worldwide to come up with fun, creative slams that inspire their friends, generate donations, and potentially help save the lives of close to 450,000 individuals worldwide currently battling the disease.

Create a short video doing a slam action, showing how you SLAM ALS.

Ideas for slamming include: SLAM a door, a book, a watermelon, a deck of cards, a smile, a silly face, a joke, a poem, or even suspenders. How about SLAMMING a pie in someone’s face? Singers, SLAM a long note; cheerleaders, SLAM your pom-poms;pageant contestants, SLAM your sashes; and athletes, SLAM with a racquet, golf club, bat, hockey stick or through a hoop. SLAM by dancing, literally stomping your feet for a cure.

But whatever you SLAM, please also SLAM your credit card down or your signature on a check. Be creative, but be safe.

Post your slam video to all your social media with the hashtag #SlamALS and the website Challenge at least 3 friends to post their own creative slam saying: “You have 24 hours to SLAM ALS!

Donate any amount on line or by snail-mail One hundred percent (100%) of all funds raised goes directly to research a cure through Project ALS, a leading non-profit, 501(c)(3)organization,

Credit card or PayPal: or check payable to SLAM ALS c/o Project ALS, 801 Riverside Drive, Suite 6G, New York, NY 10032